Is Webroot Secure Anywhere not supporting Windows 7 in 2020?

Webroot Secure Anywhere not supporting Windows 7 anymore?

If you are still using windows 7 home and don’t know about upcoming updates, Yes i am talking about windows 7 support end date January 14, 2020. Don’t worry your computer still will work but no more update you will receive from Microsoft update.

Is my webroot still work?

Yes it will work but update will be stop after january 14th and we suggest to upgrade into windows 10.

Unfortunately Windows 10 Home doesn’t allow you to turn off Windows Update, you need Windows 10 Pro for that. Microsoft wants as many people on the latest version of Windows 10 as possible so their numbers look good to investors.

However, this will lead to a Windows 10 Home system eventually being overwhelmed by the OS due to these “Feature Updates”. This has already been proven by Windows 7 systems that took advantage of the free upgrade when Windows 10 first launched.

How can i update my product key in windows 10

Activate Webroot Internet security plus on your New Windows 10 easily using Use anti-virus software ( WIS ) that will support the Operating System for as long as possible.

Webroot WIS Windwos 7 end date

Know more about windows 7 and upcoming updates visit Microsoft official site.

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